Sunday, 12 February 2012

Civic Sense - A Conversation

The other day I was travelling by a Qingqi Rickshaw on my way to home, it is quite a dangerous ride . Anyhow it was on its way when we stopped by a red light (I always force people to follow traffic rules). There was a man sitting beside me, he must be in his mid 50s, he provoked the driver to break the signal and the driver did so. Due to that we were nearly hit by a car coming from the left. It made me angry at the man sitting beside me and below is the conversation that took place.

(The conversation below has been presented in Roman to feel the true essence of arguments)
Me (to uncle): Agar accident ho jata to is ka zimedaar kon hota?
Him: Sab chalta hai is mulk main.

Me: Zaruri nahi keh sab ghalat karain to aap bhi ghalat karain.
Him: Sab ooper se ghalat hota aya hai, pehlay ooper theek karo ja ker.

Me: Ooper se nahi, uncle ander se theek hota hai banda, aap acha kaam karaingay to aap ko dekh ker aap k chotay bhi acha kaam karaingay.
Him: Hum ne kuch ghalat nahi kiya, apni jawani sharaft se guzari hai.

Me: Aap to baray hain, aap ko to sahi kerna chahye takay aap k chotay aap se seekhain.
Him (This time angry): Aray sab ooper se ghalat hota hai, woh dekho Raymond Davis ko chordiya.

Me (confused): Raymond Davis ka signal se kya talluq?
Him: Kyun nahi hai, jab ghalat hai to sab ghalat hai.

Me: Main ne to sirf itni si baat ki thee k signal aap ki achai kay liye hi lagaye gaye hain.
Him: Main nahi maanta angraizon kay qanoon ko, main sirf Allah kay Qanoon ko maanta hoon.

Me: Agar Allah ka qanoon agaya to kya signal tor dengay? Ya gaarian chalana bund kerdengay.
Him: Tum jaahil ho, tumhe deen ki koi samajh nahi hai.

Driver: O bhai bas kerdo, meri ghalti thee.

Me: App to mujhe jantay bhi nahi, aap ne yeh kaisay kaha k mujhe deen ki samajh nahi, main nay to yahan deen ka zikr bhi nahi kiya.
Him: Kyun keh tum Islam ko jantay hi nahi.

Me: Zaroori nahi keh aap ki umar zyada hai to aap ki knowledge bhi zyada ho
Him: Haan, main zyada jaanta hoon deen ko.

Me (at my stop): Allah Hafiz, Aap jaisay logon ne hi Mulk kharaab kiya hai.

The purpose of posting this conversation was to let people know that its not just the government, army and/or terrorist who have ruined the state but there is a great involvement of general public in the destruction of our society. We love to put all the blame on the institutions but we don’t even bother to look into ourselves. If you see the traffic signal in the light of Islam it falls under the category of “Huqooq-ul-Ibad” , it may look like a small issue, but by doing this we can save lives and avoid accidents. Remember laws and rules are not made to be broken.