Saturday, 13 July 2013

Breaking Lose & Aham Tareen - 3

Salamlaikum, I am Khuda Baksh and I am Sania Mirza, Welcome to Polo News.

The Taliban attacked BCC's 69 (Read : Nine Zero) wing, and claimed the responsibility of recovering 2 Rs from QQM headquarters, the Chota Chetan of QQM headquarters claims that Bara Chetan is peaceful like Gandhi, with cutting of abdomens, he meant to deliver a child who will fight for the independence of Mazloom people of Pakistan.

The martial law anniversary of His Highness, His excellency, Noor-e-Khuda , Mujahid-e-Islam, Zia-ul-Haqqani was celebrated with joy among the peepel of Pee M L (Noon), the party Chief and elected Prime Minister, Khaadim-e-Aala, Ameer-ul-Momineen, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareer, (RA), distributed sweets to Cheeni Pee-M, Baby Metro Maryam insisted on having two big Gulaab Jamuns, the Khalisa Saad Rafiq claimed that due to high oil prices in the international market, he will not eat Gulaab Jamun, and limit himself by eating a bit from Laddu. People flocked to Zia's grave to encounter the noor of Zia which is used to illuminate Faisal Mosque.

Prime Minister announced that he will build a Motorway between Peshawar and Karachi, it will help in energy crisis ,and a High speed train will create food for the starving people of Pakistan, He announced this while high on Desi Chinese drink.

Break :

Ramzan Ramzan Mehmaan hai Ramzaaaan, Main aa raha hoon, kyun k mulk ki bari nazuk soorat -e- Haal hai, Jee haan Main Hoon Aamir Liaquat ...


Sorry for the disturbing and graphical content , welcome to news again. the ISI cheif claimed the Hamid Mir is dancing on CIA's agenda, and he drinks with women, sleeps with men, he explained that uncle Mushi got Pakistan attacked for his own personal gains, while reading this Fazlu bhai burped aloud and ran away.


How about leaks ? Abbotabad Leaks, OBL Leaks, Wiki Leaks, Always Doesn't , Trust Doesn't, and Pamers Doesn't, Because US-AID bana raha hai, ik Leak Free Pakistan


Karachi remained peaceful as always, the headquarters of Lyari, London , Garhi Khuda Baksh and Kati Pahari remained silent, loving and compassionate as always.

The secular lobby of Pakistan celebrated the overthrowing of Mosri in Misr, they say that Army brings the true democracy, when referred to Pakistan's history of martial laws, they scratched their butts and fingered their peephole 

This is all from the Breaking Lose and Aham Tareen, we will not meet you soon, as the Political and Non-Political Barometer is rising and many of us will be losing our Jobs . Allah Nigehbaan