Tuesday, 13 November 2012

OF Bloggers and Journos - Fashion or Profession

AS the social media is booming, we have seen flood of bloggers and "self claimed" journos popping (sometime pooping) up from every corner of Pakistan.There was a time when journalism was considered one of the trustworthy source of acquiring information and knowledge about the current scenarios and to look into it from different perspective. As we saw the evolution of  "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" media and social media, the charm in this field has diminished ,with each one claiming to be a journalist, critic. After years of going through these type of materials here is my analysis on it .

Lets take an example of  The Express Tribune Blog, we have seen a pool of bloggers, most of them claiming to be journalists, critics without even knowing what is the definition of these words. I won't go into bashing each of them individually, but what most of the bloggers and journos are only writing to get fame and criticize just to increase the hits and visit frequency. Here are some of the areas about which they write to gain fame

  • Act, Be and Support Feminists
  • Favor US
  • Favor/Support Drones
  • Brag about Malala
  • Blame everything on religion
  • Atheism is a fashion
  • Bash a woman with Hijaab and  Man with a Beard
  • Support Homosexuality
  • Show that you are the most worried person about minorities
  • In the Light of blasphemy laws, bash religion 
  • Always Negatively Criticize Pakistan
  • Religion is BAD, but SUFISM is a fashion
Above mentioned are some of the areas which these day so called blogger love to brag about in their blogs and articles, just to look "Kool" with a "K" , because they know that this will increase their views and will be loaded with the comments of critics, in the end they will gain "popularity". This has become a fashion, just like calling ownself a "liberal", "secular" has become a fashion, supporting "homosexuality" is now a fashion . Calling any religion intolerant is a fashion. If you speak against drones, you will be marked as "Mullah" or "Extremist" , If you say that Malala is as important as thousand of kids dying in drones you will be labeled as Extremist, Sick, Taliban, Mullah, Fanatic by these so called journalists/bloggers. Every institute with the word "Islamic" in it will be labelled as a terrorist organization by them, even if it is an Islamic Bank. In support of minorities they will write in such a way that will make the whole majority look bad . In the name of blasphemy laws, I agree that they are being misused and there should be amendments, but these writers misuse religion to bash blasphemy laws .

Blogging and Journalism are two different things, but people on social media have forgot this difference, in their view if they can write a blog, then they think that they are social activist, journalist. No Sir/Madam you are not . It has just become a fashion to gain audience and page hits. There is a difference if you are a model walking on a ramp and walking nude on streets, both will gain audience . The same is the case between professional and qualified journalists and wannabe "kool" with a "k", wannabe "socio journos" , wannabe "liberal/secular" bloggers . If you think that writing a blog on crap like ET Blog where every other teenage boy/girl with daddy issues write which is the least concern of people, though sometimes its good, but most of the times they are pretty useless issues, in fact they aren't even issues. They are just eligible to remain in personal blogs not on some newspaper blogs . So if you think by blogging on social media you have become a social activist or journalist then you better look into a mirror. Because you are just into fashion, not writing. It is said that pen is mightier than the sword. True, but a pen with a leak will make your own hands and your work dirty , not more mightier

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Breaking Lose & Aham Tareen

This is brought to you by Peo, Peo aur Peenay do. This is Xerxes, welcome to Aham Tareen. Zardori met Jolie, shook hands, offered a kiss off air while the CJP blamed Army for Veena Malik going topless not nude on a tour to North Waziristan while posing with Maulana Diesel offering the Tsunami khan a deal with Munawwar Husain danced on Waderay ka Beta, enjoyed with Saeen ki bachi. Lets take a break and have a kit kat


Nahi Bachay Ga, Nahi Bachay Ga, Nahi Bachay Ga Nahi Nahi Nahi , Hargiz Nahi , Waqai Nahi, Kyun K ab Munnay ko Khilaya hai bara hi maza aaya hai, Chanda mamoon door k , bolain Harpic zaroor dain, kyun k Haarpic Bemisaal, Daagh Nikalay Baar Baar.

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Welcome Back to Breaking Lose
This is Sparta, The All-Knowing Malik blocked shitholes as TTP (Tehrik Tatti Pakistan) offered to blow up public toilets for dumping in public which they claim to be Un-Islamic as protesters took to streets for London Muhajireens calling for referendum on (Rolling in Grave) Jinnah vs the CIA Agents aka TTP, the king Khan of Copywood turned 22, on his 40th Birthday he announced his marriage with GalaxyTab Bachan whose son in law gave birth to BananaShek Bachpan, as PriKanta Chopra broke her ankle after getting a massage from Nabbaz Sharif.


Kya Ariel ne saaf kya, Jeeee, Aur aam Paaoder ne ? Nahi , Kyun Always de munnay ko raat bhar ki puskoon neend. Pis-pee! dunya hai dill waloon ki .

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A stray drone killed terrorist kids while they were sleeping and dreaming of killing Abraham Lincoln by attacking him with Sharia powered Zombies, Salmon big Butt appealed to BCC to let him play his fixing, while Shoaib Mirza played his politics to keep his lobby strong. The hockey team vowed to turn hockey field in to Kabaddi Field as Pakistan kicked the Indian Terrorists out of soil in Asia Mug. The weather in Karachi remained extremely hot as 14 Pathan Buses were Burned, and 50 Muhajir Families were killed , protesters burned their underwear as sign of giving no shit about the killings. The weather in rest of Pakistan remained calm and cold, as rain splashes the sexy shiny heads of  Shareer Bros. That is all from Peo news, keep watching, keep reading, be with us . Because this is Sparta and we are 300 bullshit channels.

Har Khabar se Be Khabar, Sab ki Bajade, Zara Sochiye

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Pakistani Atheists and Hypocrisy

Atheism is a set of beliefs that something just came out from nothing, with no reason, from nothingness, and going in to nothingness . In Short Atheism is a belief of nothingness. I might be criticized for giving this statement, but that is how I see it.

Uphill now I have came across many Atheists, debated with them, argued with them. My first encounter was with an American woman, and it was 8 years back, I have had a little knowledge about Atheism and their belief in Theory of Evolution. So I lost that argument . As it grows I encountered many Atheists and I then studied about them, the more I studied about their theory on life, the more flaws came to light. I will discuss those flaws in my other post.

Ask any Atheist if they don't believe in the concept of God, what do they believe in ? Their Answer will be , "We Evolved", fine. But if you ask them to go in depths of that theory , majority of them will fail. Same is the case with Atheists in Pakistan. I came across a person who claimed to be an ex-Muslim, argued the same, so our argument started, debating with them is easy, never be religion specific, never mention scriptures, just stick to science. As the argument developed , in what he only succeeded to give a scientific statement was the definition to Homo-Sapiens . Rest of his effort were to prove that Prophet Muhammad copied the Qur'an from Greek Scriptures. But I preferred to stick with Cell Theory and the DNA, and how the Theory of evolution fails in the light of proven facts, in between our argument, 2 other members of his side, both women popped up, just to blame me for giving the concepts of Harun Yahya, though I have never read any of his books. I requested the lady to answer my humble questions and explain them by proven scientific fact, but all I got in response were abuses and personal attacks. So it was over. This was just one case, but rest of the cases are similar, they have no knowledge of what actually the theory of evolution explains . It is just not limited to the so called Atheists living in Pakistan, this lack of knowledge is all over the globe.

What my take on this is that, most of the people choose to be Atheists for the following reasons :

1. Due to cultural suppression
2. Lack of Religious Knowledge
3. Too Lazy to accept their religious responsibilities/ duties
4. Freedom for Sex life/drugs/alcohol
5. Have too many problems in life

Only a handful of Theists leave their religion to adopt Evolution theory as their belief.

As my current area of focus is Pakistan, there are a few Atheists who have studied this theory well. But most of them are only there to criticize religion, abuse religion, make fun of it. And the funny part, they claim to be Anti -Religion, but they will criticize, abuse and make fun of Major Religious Sects and will sympathize with Religious minorities, while talking to any religious person they will be pre-judicial, they will not listen to what you have to say, all they will use is to hurl abuses towards you .They will call you intolerant but will not tolerate if someone in their neighborhood is involved in religious practices, when you will criticize them, they will call you extremist and intolerant, but as long as they are abusing your religion its their part of freedom, they are pretty much of hypocrites.

In conclusion, majority of Pakistani Atheists are just Atheists, but they don't know the answers to HOW ? WHY? and WHAT ?