Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Breaking Lose & Aham Tareen

This is brought to you by Peo, Peo aur Peenay do. This is Xerxes, welcome to Aham Tareen. Zardori met Jolie, shook hands, offered a kiss off air while the CJP blamed Army for Veena Malik going topless not nude on a tour to North Waziristan while posing with Maulana Diesel offering the Tsunami khan a deal with Munawwar Husain danced on Waderay ka Beta, enjoyed with Saeen ki bachi. Lets take a break and have a kit kat


Nahi Bachay Ga, Nahi Bachay Ga, Nahi Bachay Ga Nahi Nahi Nahi , Hargiz Nahi , Waqai Nahi, Kyun K ab Munnay ko Khilaya hai bara hi maza aaya hai, Chanda mamoon door k , bolain Harpic zaroor dain, kyun k Haarpic Bemisaal, Daagh Nikalay Baar Baar.

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Welcome Back to Breaking Lose
This is Sparta, The All-Knowing Malik blocked shitholes as TTP (Tehrik Tatti Pakistan) offered to blow up public toilets for dumping in public which they claim to be Un-Islamic as protesters took to streets for London Muhajireens calling for referendum on (Rolling in Grave) Jinnah vs the CIA Agents aka TTP, the king Khan of Copywood turned 22, on his 40th Birthday he announced his marriage with GalaxyTab Bachan whose son in law gave birth to BananaShek Bachpan, as PriKanta Chopra broke her ankle after getting a massage from Nabbaz Sharif.


Kya Ariel ne saaf kya, Jeeee, Aur aam Paaoder ne ? Nahi , Kyun Always de munnay ko raat bhar ki puskoon neend. Pis-pee! dunya hai dill waloon ki .

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A stray drone killed terrorist kids while they were sleeping and dreaming of killing Abraham Lincoln by attacking him with Sharia powered Zombies, Salmon big Butt appealed to BCC to let him play his fixing, while Shoaib Mirza played his politics to keep his lobby strong. The hockey team vowed to turn hockey field in to Kabaddi Field as Pakistan kicked the Indian Terrorists out of soil in Asia Mug. The weather in Karachi remained extremely hot as 14 Pathan Buses were Burned, and 50 Muhajir Families were killed , protesters burned their underwear as sign of giving no shit about the killings. The weather in rest of Pakistan remained calm and cold, as rain splashes the sexy shiny heads of  Shareer Bros. That is all from Peo news, keep watching, keep reading, be with us . Because this is Sparta and we are 300 bullshit channels.

Har Khabar se Be Khabar, Sab ki Bajade, Zara Sochiye

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