Thursday, 17 May 2012

Is it too HARD being a PAKISTANI ?

  I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.  I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.  ~Abraham Lincoln
Though I dont admire Abraham Lincoln ,but his words are true, true enough to fit each and every nation that currently exist on this planet and NO the words are not enough, being proud is just an emotion, but doing something to make your nation proud is something worth doing, let us take our very own Pakistan as an example, out of billions only a thousands of people "think" of doing something good, and out of that just a few hundreds try to achieve it, but only a handful of people achieve it. But OK, that happens in each part of the globe, I am not the one who start the mornings with bashing my country .

I wont be bashing Pakistan here, but yes I will be bashing the ignorant Pakistanis who believe that they are too good to live here, or they are too pious to live in a place like Pakistan. Don't believe me ? Here are some examples of what we really say ,do , believe about Pakistan

in our daily lives .

1. Is mulk main kuch nahi rakha ( there is nothing worthy to live in this country)
2. Kitna ganda mulk hai yeh ( How drity this place/country is)
3. Pakistan se zinda bhag (Run for you lives, leave Pakistan)
4. Itni behayai hai isiliye Allah ka azaab aata hai ( this shamelessness is inviting Allah's Wrath)
5. Sab sarkari idaray corrupt hain ( Every public/governmental institute is corrupt)

and the list continues ...

If you go outside on streets and ask people "Do you love your country" , most of them will say "Yes" and "Pakistan Zindabad" , Sounds good ? right ?. But just observe them in their daily life, you will hear them whining about the problem all day long like I already mentioned. The problem ,is most of us are not REALLY PROUD of being a Pakistani, we whine too much , we complain too much, we do very little, in fact we do NOTHING .
We proudly say that we are an "Islamic Republic", but are we really ? Is an Islamic Shariah in an Islamic State limited to the Government, Court or Financial institutions ? Is it limited to the Hudood Ordinance ? People brag too much about REVOLUTION , just because we like the sound of this word. I am not targeting any specific political or religious group, isn't there any say of religion in following traffic rules ? Isn't there any say of religion in littering the streets ? Isn't there any say of religious on how you communicate with each other ? If you go through the religious history and proper teaching you will find that these matters are deeply related to the religion, but yes we choose to ignore them because we are more interested in others' religious beliefs and actions, we pray 5 times a day daily ,but fight with our neighbors ,we fast the whole Ramadan, but break the traffic rules, we wash ourselves on Jummah but litter the streets, we pray in Masjids and stand side by side and shoulder to shoulder but yet we discriminate on the basis of status, cast and language .

Enough talk on the religion but think , just think is it only the Government, Army ,Police that has ruined the Nation, aren't we, the common citizens involved in all the mess we see today ? We discriminate, call each other Kafir, we have too much hatred in ourselves , we bribe the traffic police just to get away with the crime of not carrying license, insurance papers , or breaking other traffic rules. We bribe other govt. officers to get our work done fast . Aren't we criminals ? If we are "clean" after all the corruption we do on daily basis, then who gives us the authority to challenge the corruption of our leaders ? Should we be punished too ? Why blame the billboards for spreading vulgarity when we watch all the stuff on our televisions ?

Don't you think its the time to STOP blaming others , and start cleaning your own-selves. Shouldn't we be polishing our character, our streets. Is it too hard to follow the law ? is it too hard to keep your environment clean ? Is it too hard to love each other ?

My question is "Is it too Hard Being a True Pakistani ? "

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