Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Pakistanis

I was sickened and disgusted by the response of certain Pakistanis to Hurricane Sandy in the USA. Before going any further in this , I would like you to read some responses to it .

1. "o Allah with this Hurricane teach these blasphemous people a lesson and make an example out of them"

2.  "What is happening is totally right, they deserve it"

3. All the Christians and Jews must face this wrath of Allah.

and Many more, and NO these responses are from our well educated class, not fake Maulvi's. A contact of mine on my Facebook updated his status like the 1st one, praying for the destruction of those suffering from Hurricane Sandy. I asked him whether he prayed the same when floods and 7.3 Magnitude earthquake struck us, I asked him that if he cares so much about Muslims and his religion, what about a good number of Muslim men and women living in USA and suffering from it , I asked him if that is what religion has taught us, I asked him if Prophet's (PBUH) ever prayed for someone's destruction, I asked him that why don't he pray for their right path (if you think they are all yahood-o-nassara), I asked him whether he will pray the same to punish us if God-Forbid the next Natural Disaster hit us , there were so many questions asked but non of them answered , and that guy has a display picture of Tony Start (Iron Man) . A character and a person who belongs to US and falls under the terminology of "Yahoo-o-Nassara" .

Are we insane or what ? I have never read a chapter in Quran where any of the Prophets felt happy when their nation faced the wrath of Allah. What I recall is they cried , they tried hard till the end to seek guidance for them, to convince them . What I read is that the Taif people didn't face the wrath of Allah because Prophet (PBUH) felt sympathy for them even after they injured him badly . What I have read the Prophet Ibraheem (PBUH) tried till the end to seek Hidayah for his father , and who are we are we greater than Prophet (PBUH) ? or are these people worst than the people of Taif or pre-Islamic Mekkah ?

The same thing happened when hurricane Katrina struck America, as like now Pakistani Muslims were happy they "Kuffars" are getting punished , and then what happened ? October 8th, 2005 , Holy month of Ramadan, Yes, we were struck by wrath of Allah in the month of blessings , and half a million died, more than million homeless, now I ask these people will they be excited if now again we are faced by any disaster ? What if we are struck by another earthquake, worst floods that have been coming to us since last 3 years ?
Will you survive the Allah's wrath , what will you call yourself then ? Yahood-o-Nassara ? Illuminati ? or what ?

To all my Muslim fellows out there, you cannot prove your love for your Prophet (PBUH) by cursing the innocent ones, by giving out bad wishes to your fellow human beings. If you think you are doing it right ? Then wait for more Disasters to Come .


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