Thursday, 10 January 2013

Rumi Unplugged & The Pakistanis

The Name "Rumi" is not unknown to any, If you don't know, the real name is Mawlana Jalal ud-din Muhammad Balkhi or Mawlana Jalal ud-din Muhammad Rumi, simply known as "Rumi".This blog is not the biography, or the history of Rumi, but in fact I would like to cover the present condition of poor Rumi on social media, yes people Rumi is alive on social media, and very much alive .

There was a time when people used the Mathnawies of Rumi in their lives, but now a days if you take on Rumi on the internet lives, especially facebook, twitter and other social networks, you will often see people misusing Rumi, you will see people quoting and misquoting Rumi, be it Muslims, Non-Muslims, Ex-Muslims, Atheists, and whatever you name it . Go On and search the word "Rumi" of twitter and there you go, you will find many tweets, often not said by Rumi, often misquoted by people, women to be specific.

It is beginning to become a fashion for kool with a "k" people to quote Rumi every now and then in their Facebook statuses and tweets, many of which are really not said by Rumi, many of which they don't even know the meaning of, not unless you have read the "Mathnavis" of Rumi. People just post it without going into and understanding the meaning of it . Am I being Judgmental ? OK, you can do this little research your self, there might be one or two on your list too .

Let me add, its not just the case with Rumi, people often and very often misquote Hadhrat Ali(RA) too, associating each and every quote with Hadhrat Ali (RA), no doubt what generally is misquoted is a good statement, but they are often associated with Him. One should actually verify before blabbering about it, and the responses you will see "SubhanAllah", "MashaAllah", like they just got enthralled by the thought .

Please STOP doing it, stop misquoting famous people . Please .

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