Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Martyr's Salute

O Dear Lord ! Stay witness
O Motherland ! Stay Witness
For I did my duty, at my best
For I bled till death, for the rest
O Motherland ! Stay witness
O Dear Land ! I stood with Pride
I fell with Honor, with Dignity as my Bride
O my Mother , Dont shed a tear
For I stood strong without any fear
O Motherland ! Stay witness
O Dear Lord ! I say a prayer
Dont Let my blood go in Vain
Let my blood destroy the curse
Let my blood bless my cause
O Motherland ! Stay witness
O My people ! Forgive me If I failed
I promise , I did all my best
I stood in cold , so you stay warm
I stood awake ,so you could sleep
O Motherland ! Stay witness
I carry the name of Umar (RA) and Ali (RA)
I fought for right, like Hasan (RA) and Hussain (RA)
O Dear Lord ! I have nothing to ask, O Dear Lord ! there is nothing I want
O Dear Lord ! Bless my people , O Dear Lord ! Bless my Land
O Motherland ! Stay Witness
O Motherland ! Stay Witness
- Muhammad Saad Siddiqui

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